About Nutri Crate


Our philosophy imbibes Purity and Authenticity. This flows from our experiences in curating products that are produced through sustainable and traditional practices across India. We bring to you our very first Consciously and Ethically sourced collection - some of the most exquisite varieties of honeys from around the country.

Nutri Crate's Raw Bottled honey comes in Five variants namely, Tulsi, Acacia, Multifloral, Small Bee and Mudakathan. Each variant comes packed with its own benefits. Not to forget that each bottle contains Pure, Raw, Unfiltered and Unprocessed honey with no adulteration.

This Golden liquid is sourced from the remote jungles of The Himalayas, Western Ghats and the plantations in Aravallis among other locations. We believe that having a good tasting product is worth nothing if the methods used to produce it are not in line with nature.

At Nutricrate, we are committed to the most natural and sustainable practices that exist. Our partners are in line with our philosophy and focus on quality and sustainability while investing in their communities.

We are passionate about looking after our people and the planet as we grow. We are really proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but we're always looking to learn and improve how we do things.